South West Rocks Public School

Academic excellence in a caring, co-operative and courteous environment

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About our school

Situated in a popular area of the NSW mid north coast, South West Rocks Public School has shown steady growth in the past three years growing by sixty students with an associated increase in teacher numbers.

The school population is drawn principally from within the confines of the town although this does cover an area extending from Arakoon in the south to Jerseyville in the west. The demography of the town has changed in recent years with a steady influx of younger families moving to settle here. This is exemplified by the growth in student numbers in Kindergarten with an enrolment figure of close to 50 children for each of the past two years.

The school prides itself on an excellent student welfare program and providing educational opportunities for all children. Being situated on the coast, water safety skills are emphasised, not only in still water but also in the open surf.

Literacy and numeracy are the chief priorities within the academic sphere. Other areas of strength are creative and practical arts, health, physical education and personal development.